The eMC Medicine Database

What is the eMC?

The eMC is the most comprehensive online resource of its type and contains up to date, approved and regulated information about medicines licensed for use in the UK.

The eMC’s extensive database contains over 6,000 SPCs (Summary of Product Characteristics) and 4,000 PILs (Patient Information Leaflets) covering over 90% of UK primary care prescription items.

It is critical that any medicines information service provider is up-to-date and with more than 400 document updates each month and annual database growth of 10% the eMC maintains its position as the most current database of its type. The eMC database can easily be linked the NHS Dictionary of Medicines & devices which is used for the reimbursement of the cost of prescription medicines.

The eMC medicines database can be licensed in the UK or for international use by 3rd parties supplying the medical profession, pharmaceutical and medicine industries, or patients and carers. The data is available as static, Excel friendly extracts or dynamically through an online resource providing continuous access to the latest medicine information.

The eMC is operated by Datapharm Communications Ltd. We have a membership of over 200 leading pharmaceutical companies and we work with the NHS and industry trade bodies to promote the safe use of medicines. We have been publishing medicines information for almost 40 years.

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Data Licensing Opportunities

Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

Mobile devices are playing an increasingly dominant part in providing flexible access to medicine information, with 90% of clinicians using mobile devices within their working day (HIMMS Mobile Technology Survey, 2015). Licensing the eMC medicine database can ensure that your App is immediate, up-to-date and provides an invaluable reference resource for healthcare professionals and patients alike.

Information Systems

Information Systems

If you operate or supply a medicine information system, incorporating the eMC medicine database as one of your knowledge sources could help streamline your business model.

The eMC database is an ‘always on’ resource that can be accessed in a format suitable for assimilation into your systems. Once integrated, you can have over 400 medicine updates a month seamlessly available to your product’s users ensuring they always have the latest regulator approved information to hand.

Research & Analysis

Research & Analysis

With over 5000 revisions a year, the eMC medicine database is the most up-to-date resource of its type. This comprehensive resource can be utilised in its entirety as a source of medicines information or access can be tailored around specific requirements, such as a group of medicines or active ingredients, and it can also be used to track changes in medicine information. Complete the enquiry form below to find out how Datapharm can provide the right solution for your research or analytical needs.


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